Nickel Plating: Furniture Components

Capron’s nickel plating for furniture components can consist of one or two layers of nickel, depending on your requirements. We have the capability of using a two-layer process, providing a nickel plated base with a second finish of bright nickel to offer additional protection to the nickel base.  This offers added durability while maintaining a decorative look.  Bright nickel has an appearance similar to stainless steel.

Our automated hoist and transfer systems allow for a repeatable coating thickness, giving you the quality finish you and your customers expect.

Each customer has its own unique requirements and detailed parts with varying surface curvatures. Meeting your individual finishing, spec, and ATM requirements is our number one priority.

We are continually aligned with our customers goals and put our efforts towards maintaining excellence in nickel plating by using quality material, state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly qualified workforce.

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