Electropolishing Stainless Steel Medical and Dental

Our electropolishing of stainless steel process ensures that medical and dental instruments, as well as implantable items, are clean, burr-free, corrosion-resistant and safe.  In the medical and dental industry, devices are used both internally and externally, thereby raising the level of importance for biocompatibility testing. It is true that many areas of medicine such as orthopedics, orthodontics, dental, veterinary, and others commonly face biocompatibility challenges such as ensuring that devices have a smooth, corrosion-resistant surface while not harboring bacteria or pathogens.  For the medical and dental industry, no other finishing process can reach the level of quality of electropolishing of stainless steel.

Benefits of our deburring process:

  • produces a superior corrosive-resistant surface and increases durability.
  • generates a smooth polish while preserving the true properties of the bulk metal.
  • reduces product contamination and stickiness as a result of the glossy, electropolished surface.
  • reduces clean time.
  • no reduction in fatigue strength.
  • reduces friction and wear.
  • facilitates cleaning, reduces formation of deposits, and minimizes germ growth

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