Nickel Plating

Nickel Chrome Plating

  • By continually reinvesting in technologically advanced equipment and processes for nickel chrome plating, we keep up with the evolving environmental standards in order to meet your nickel and chrome plating requirements.
  • Our high-capacity lines can deliver traditional nickel plating as well as a trivalent chrome finish.
  • We can handle parts up to 14’ long, 3’ wide, and 4’ high, with nickel thickness ranging from 1/10,000″ to 1/1,000″.
  • Nickel can be deposited in a dull, semi-glossy, glossy and black form. Vital to this type of application is also its strong corrosion resistance. Our nickel plating forms a thin but extremely dense, highly resistant oxide layer, rendering the metal passive against corrosion. Nickel is also resistant to many organic chemicals.