Powder Paint Line

  • Capron is a leading supplier of powder coating services. Our high capacity, state-of-the art powder paint line includes a robust multi-metal pretreatment systems followed by a powder paint system containing both automatic and manual guns.
  • Our system is capable of coating steel, aluminum, galvanized, iron castings and many other surfaces.
  • We apply a variety of paints such as epoxy, polyester, and hybrids.

Plastisol Coating

  • Excellent for diffusing high-temperature metal surfaces.
  • Impervious to most alkalis and acids.
  • Plastisol coat can create a durable protective coating and provide a non-stick cushion feel.
  • This non-toxic and UV stability finish usually meets medical and FDA approvals and can be color matched.


  • Nylon processes produce a controlled film thickness that can be used in wet applications such as dishwashers.
  • Helps prevent chemical corrosion and is impact resistant.
  • This custom coating can encapsulate uniquely shaped parts.
  • Our line is designed for high-volume runs.