Plastisol Coating

Vinyl Coating

  • Vinyl Coating is highly efficient in diffusing high-temperature metal surfaces.
  • Vinyl Coating is highly resistant to most alkalis and acids.
  • For metals, vinyl coating can create a durable protective coating and provide a non-stick cushion feel.
  • Vinyl Coating has a non-toxic, UV stability finish, which usually meets medical and FDA approvals and can be color matched.
  • In sum, Vinyl Coating can add decorative colors, softness, thickness, protection, and less noise to the surface of your part or product. Vinyl coating for metal can also resist electricity and corrosion. Heat or light stabilizers, flame retardants, bonding agents and other additives are available to meet your specifications.


Nylon Coating

  • Our Nylon coating processes produce a controlled film thickness that can be used in wet applications such as dishwashers. The modern fluidized bed coating process used at Capron Manufacturing produces an even and smooth nylon coating surface without the need of extra finishing work such as deburring.
  • Nylon coating helps prevent chemical corrosion and is impact resistant.
  • The versatility of nylon coating is highly regarded. Nylon coating can encapsulate uniquely shaped parts, which can make it indispensable as a coating option.
  • Our nylon coating line is designed for high-volume runs. Please contact us for more info.