Electropolish Appliance

Metal parts that are used in appliances like refrigerators, ice machines and deep fryers look better and last longer after undergoing our electropolishing of stainless steel process.

Our electropolishing of stainless steel for appliances is built to remove and then replenish the periphery of the metal, eliminating the carbon steel contaminants nestled in the tiny openings from forming and machining. If not eliminated, these contaminated surfaces can lead to conditions where corrosion develops.

In addition to eliminating contaminants that lead to corrosion, our electropolishing of stainless steel produces a smooth and shiny surface finish which prevents stickiness, improving the appliance’s performance.

We offer electropolishing and passivation of stainless steel based on the individual specification from our customers. Contact us to speak with an expert for your product requirements in detail @ 815.569.2301

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