Characteristics of Porcelain Enamel

What is porcelain enamel?
Porcelain enamel on steel objects is a glassy impermeable material whose main ingredients are borax, silica, soda ash, and fluorspar, but also include numerous additives such as clays, electrolytes, and metal oxides. These provide the desired color and enhance the properties such as resistance to high temperatures and adhesion.

Over 85% of porcelain enamel is used on steel.

How is porcelain enamel maintained?
It is set and forget. Porcelain enamel on steel doesn’t require any maintenance. Repainting and refinishing are not necessary either.

How durable is the color?
Even in the worst conditions (constant exposure to the sun, wind, and rain), the color will not fade, corrode, peel, or blister.

Can porcelain enamel withstand tough environments?
When applied to the surface of steel objects, for example, porcelain enamel is not harmed by excess sun, snow, rain, wind, or tough industrial environments. The extremely solid exterior resists the most extreme weather conditions and will last a lifetime.