Nickel Plating: Food Equipment

When it comes to food service equipment Capron has over 70 years of knowledge and experience delivering a high-quality and efficient Nickel Plating process for metal small-wares.

As a trusted nickel plating partner to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) we have a clear understanding that metal small-wares are intended to come into contact in the preparation of food and know what it takes to meet the NSF International Standard.

Each customer has its own unique requirements and detailed parts with varying surface curvatures. We can assist you in design recommendations to allow your parts to meet NSF standards. Meeting your individual finishing, spec, NSF, and ATM requirements is our number one priority.

We are continually aligned with our customers goals and put our efforts towards maintaining excellence in nickel plating by using quality material, state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly qualified workforce.

Contact us today to help you down a successful path in meeting the NSF International Standard on your nickel plated parts.

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