Powder Coating HVAC

Wide Use of Powder Coating in the HVAC market:

Powder coating has a deep level of approval in the HVAC industry.  The popularity of powder in the HVAC market is not a surprise, as many of its components are manufactured in metal. Most coatings in this area require powder coating to protect against corrosion and to improve aesthetics.

Example of HVAC Products:

Many HVAC products have both an interior and exterior use. These include vent registers, electric heaters, air conditioners, and furnaces.

Applying the right Powder Coating:

Based on the environment (exterior versus interior) of the application and type of system (heating versus cooling), powder coating requirements will vary.

Our QC inspectors conduct online inspection as parts are removed from the line prior to packaging.  This diverse powder coating process allows us to coat anything very small parts to large bulky items and still delivery the highest quality with quick turnaround.

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