Nickel Plating: Kitchen Appliances

You will find racks made of nickel plated steel wire on virtually all oven and baking racks and a lot of B-B-Q grills.  Some use exclusively nickel plating and others use nickel plating with an outer layer of chrome finish.  We have the ability to meet your particular finishing, spec, ATM, and NSF requirements.

Nickel chrome plating generally consists of layers of nickel, including a thin outer layer of chrome. This produces a stylish look, but is also durable, protecting against corrosion and wear and tear. The outer layer of trivalent chromium provides a decorative finish, which will never turn a different color, even after 50 years. This is why an outer layer of trivalent chromium is used and why Nickel/Chrome plating is a popular choice for many consumer products.

Our process assures that the nickel-chrome plating surface maintains purity standards while preventing corrosion and contamination, essential to the food and beverage industries.

We are proud of being one of the first plating companies to use a trivalent chrome finish, which is the environmentally friendly alternative to hexavalent chromium. The main difference between hexavalent and trivalent chrome is that trivalent chrome plating applies chromium sulfate or chromium chloride as its main ingredient, as opposed to using the toxic chromium trioxide found in hexavalent chromium plating.  Due to its low toxicity, trivalent chrome is regulated less stringently, leading to lower compliance costs and less hazardous waste.  Hexavalent chrome plating is considerably more popular in the surface finishing industry, as it is much cheaper and more readily available. Very few metal finishing companies have the resources to produce trivalent chrome finishes, something we are very proud of here at Capron Manufacturing.

Capron Manufacturing is a high-volume supply chain partner to many reputable North American OEM manufacturers with metal plating and many other finishing needs.

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